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Shree H.J. Patel Arts - Com. College

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Shree Hansaben J. Patel Arts - Commerce Girls College

Smt Hansaben Jayantibhai Patel Arts and Commerce Girls College, Nanikadi is the only institution in Nankadi that provides meaningful education to the girls who need a green leaf and carry it all spring. On entering which you will get…

  • A glimpse of your own rites in your dear daughter
  • A daughter well equipped with knowledge and entrepreneurship
  • A daughter who gives the impression of being all-rounded
  • A daughter who reveals her mother’s beauty
  • A daughter who will display your very image in the society after taking the entire education

                                                              “Give knowledge only to girls
                                                              That is the true glory of the society.”

  • The resolution is to make all the daughters who are admitted in our institution well-equipped in such a way that they become well-rounded and become a foothold in the society and make the name of the parents and the society bright…….